About Tech-Link

About tech-link

Leading Silicone Manufacturer Since 1999

The main focus of Tech-Link Silicones is manufacturing of silicone materials and parts, building long-term supply chain relationship with our customers.

We constantly strives to provide high quality products at competitive prices. Our company is one of a kind in that we are the most complete in terms of silicone manufacturing; from material polymerization to parts production.

Tech-Link is the ONLY company in Vietnam to have multi-processing capabilities including molding, injection, extrusion, calendaring, and coating. This makes us the most versatile manufacturer of silicone in the world.

We are quality certified in ISO9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and BSCI.

The production capacity of our Vietnam plant is more than 25,000 tons a year.

Founder PhD in Chemistry with 15 years GE silicones technical and commercials expert

We specialize in custom compounding to provide silicone rubber with the right properties for your application.



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Our Company History

Hong Kong Headquaters
Dongguan Factory
Vietnam Factory
Founder in Toyota
The Year of Supplier (Mann+Hummel)
Tech-Link Meeting Room
Tech-Link Reception
USA Factory

Founded in Hong Kong

Incorporated in Hong Kong with a factory in Dongguan, China.

Supply formulated silicone material to manufacturing factories in China. 

Export formulated silicone material to Europe and US.


Automotive Parts Factory 

Establish automotive parts fabrication factory

Became a tier 2 supplier of fabricated turbo charge hoses for an European turbo manufacturer


Supply to Europe and US market

Supply aftermarket hose to Europe and US


Household Segment Start Up

Start of operation of Household segment


Vietnam Factory Construction

Started construction of the new production plant in Vietnam

Set up European warehouse In France


Vietnam Production Operation

Started operation of the production plant in Vietnam


Set up USA Warehouse

Set up USA warehouse in Niles,  Michigan, USA


New Revenue Milestone

Achieved US Dollar 80 million sales


USA Production

USA Manufacturing Start Up

Europe Tech-Link B.V Set Up