Our Company History


Leading Silicone Manufacturers For Over 23 Years

We are the only company that can provide customers with silicone rubber materials for 5 processes: compression molding, injection molding, extrusion, coating and calendering.

24 Years Experience 

Main Production Factory in Vietnam (38,000 m2)

Warehouse in Europe and USA

Founder Ph.D. in Chemistry

Our Company History

Hong Kong Headquaters
Dongguan Factory
Vietnam Factory
Founder in Toyota
The Year of Supplier (Mann+Hummel)
Tech-Link Meeting Room
Tech-Link Reception

Founded in Hong Kong

Incorporated in Hong Kong with a factory in Dongguan, China.

Supply formulated silicone material to manufacturing factories in China. Export formulated silicone material to Europe and US.


Automotive Parts Fabrication 

Establish automotive parts fabrication factory

Became a tier 2 supplier of fabricated turbo charge hoses for an European turbo manufacturer


Europe & US Market Supplies

Supply aftermarket hose to Europe and US


Household Segment Operation

Start of operation of Household segment


Vietnam Factory Construction

Started construction of the new production plant in Vietnam

Set up European warehouse In France


Vietnam Factory Production

Started operation of the production plant in Vietnam


USA Warehouse Setup

Set up USA warehouse in Niles,  Michigan, USA


New Revenue Milestone

Achieved US Dollar 80 million sales


Europe & USA companies Found

Tech-Link Europe Setup in August & Tech-Link USA in October

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