TL-8X0OB Self-Lubricating Silicone Rubber

TL-8XXOB Self-Lubricating Silicone Rubber


  •  Self-lubricated
  • Excellent Processability
  • Good Mechanical Properties
  • Good Heat Oil Resistance Properties
  • FDA, RoHS, REACH compliant

 Typical Property

Cured Condition
Curing agent: C-5 0.9%(wt.) 
Press cure: 171℃/10mins


  • Connectors, sealing elements and washers requiring self-lubricating property with molding process used in machinery, automotive and aerospace industries


  • Store at room temperature in ventilated and cool place
  • Transport according to non-hazardous chemicals and keep away from pollution source, direct sunlight and water


  • 20kg carton or 450kg pallet box