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Since 1999, we’ve been serving Fortune 500 companies as a leading silicone oil manufacturer. Our expertise in all silicone-related products, consistent delivery times, and technical guidance sets us apart.

Silicone Oil

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Our large annual capacity of 6,000 tons for silicone liquid ensures we can meet the demands of our customers.

Vinylmethyl Silicone Oil

VMQ is commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries.

Fluorosilicone Oil

Fluorosilicone oil is commonly used for its resistance to fuel, oil, and solvents.


PDMS is used as a moisturizing and conditioning agent for skincare products.

Silanol Fluid

Silanol fluid is often used as a surface modifier and water repellent.

Dimethyl Silicone Oil

Dimethyl silicone oil is commonly used as a lubricant and release agent.

Methylphenyl Silicone Oil

Methylphenyl Silicone Oil is commonly used as a heat transfer fluid.


We offer all types of silicone oil for a variety of applications! This means you are getting higher quality silicone fluid products that meet the unique needs of your industry.

Personal Care & Healthcare

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We have multiple silicone oil production lines to control cost and quality from modern facilities which means you can expect reliable and consistent quality for silicone fluids, with cost savings achieved through optimized production processes and economies of scale.

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About Us

Tech-link has been active in the silicone industry for 23 years and still counts. We are one of the leading suppliers in fully integrated silicone manufacturing, with R&D laboratories, production sites in both China & Vietnam, and sales offices located in Hongkong & Shenzhen.

Technology Driven Products

Thanks to years of hard work, we had invented our advanced silicone technologies for producing silicone rubber, silicone oils, construction sealant & silicone fluids.

Qualified Workers & Technician

Having more than 1,100 staffs and a production area of 38,000 m2 in Vietnam means you can rely on our ability to handle your orders, no matter how large or complex the formula may be.

They Trust Us

NOVARES, VENAIR and JAMAK have chosen our silicone products for their own projects. They were very satisfied with Tech-link. This means you can expect the same level of excellence in our silicone products and the service we provide. 

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Prompt response and willing to help, also capable to provide total solutions. No issues are detected during the delivery, highly recommended.


We tried the 132AB and it’s very good, I’m still waiting for this 1808 to try.


High quality with reasonable price, professional service, and on-time delivery even during the pandemic.

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